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About ‘SPIRIT’


The beautiful, original rooms of the Military Hospital were the central characters of this series.
The former function of the rooms inspired the situations captured by the images.
The spaces set the atmosphere and draw people in. An unusual combination of space and people, where tension and eroticism play a role.

From today’s perspective, a glimpse of the nuns, who worked and lived there, and the soldiers who were taken care of during WWI and WWII. Flore Zoé “The Military Hospital lays silent and abandoned. I knew this was where I wanted to do this series, as an honour to those who were here.”



The tense sphere of the old prison, the feeling of being locked up contrasted to the feeling of freedom.

'the Bath'

A glimpse into the living spaces and baths of the nuns: in ruins, clearly missing its bathroom function, the illusion captured by damp hair and alienation. With light from the rooms.


An erotic setting between two women: drawing attention to the relationship between the nuns. Did they live a celibate life? Where was the boundary between caring and erotic handling.


A model in a tell-tale subordinate position, reflected by a shadow on the wall; the second model, visible, clearly threatening, bible in hand. The power and potential threat of the Church denounced with this image.


The soldiers, in rows, honouring and saluting the Military Hospital.


Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Assistant makeup & hair Wieger
Fashion Styling Meriam Limon
Assistant photography Kirsten Wessels
Digital art Katja de Bruin
Models @ MaxModels
Location Military Hospital, Antwerp Belgium

Behind the scenes


Series 'SPIRIT' at Opera Gallery

Behind the scenes


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