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About ‘Reunion’


The goal was to create a series in which synergy was created between fashion, interiors and people in order to convey a collective story:
of going back to basics, back to mother, but in today’s world. From an artistic point of view a sense of well-being was sought.
The two female models and the child model share the lead in this series. The exceptionally characteristic setting is complemented by glamorous items of high-fashion.

Flore Zoé “This series is a literal ‘reunion’ with Marcel Wanders, as it was the second time I used his interiors as the décor of my series.”



The mother as figurehead is almost sacrosanct. The adoration of a child, towards their parent, regardless of what is, has happened, the undeniable love of a child towards its parent.

'the Diaroma'

Motherhood happens at a young age. Today, as an expectant mother you ask yourself all sorts of questions: why should I, can I? A few centuries ago you got pregnant, and that was it, it was not

'Falling doll'

Capturing the image of letting go, and bidding farewell to your own youth.

'The Battle'

Two adults battle over a child. A metaphoric battle between childhood and parenthood. What are you doing right? When do you get it right and how do you look back and reflect on your childhood when you have your own child.


Digital art Folkert Datema
Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Fashion styling Graziella Ferraro
Assistant photography Renée Jansen & Elaine McCormack
Models @ Elite Amsterdam
Location Studio Marcel Wanders

Behind the scenes


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