‘Art Meets Fashion’


About ‘Art Meets Fashion’

In this series, the process of idea to design is captured.
The phases through which fashion designers and designers work is visualised.
The actual description of each process is the result of interviews with renowned designers themselves.

Flore Zoé “This series was shot at the MIAT in Ghent, Belgium. ‘ART meets FASHION’ was extremely important in my career, leading to my international breakthrough. Exhibits in Paris and during New York Fashion Week followed.”


'Constant doubt'

The constant need to perfect your design, constant doubt, is it good, will it work, is my idea reflected in my work, is my design wearable, is it unique, special? The designer and their immediate environment suffer from these moments of doubt and self-criticism. There is never a moment of euphoria. Melancholic, depressing, nothing is ever good enough, never being satisfied. The designer dismisses themselves, indiscriminately rejects designs; nothing is ever good enough; they become dictatorial; people cringe in fear and run away, fearful but wanting to do things right. It is a dark period, full of self-criticism.

'the Conductor'

Having to do everything yourself; arrange all details, everything is up to you, and you alone, directing a team of people: final design needs to be made, the finances need to be clear, you do not have enough time, hands; all of a sudden management and commercial skills are required. The ‘dirigent’ leads their team, dramatically, emotionally; everyone calls upon them, the profusion of it all, the media circus: to direct all of this, with insufficient time, money, hours in the day.


The designer is on a total high, euphoric, satisfied, but at the height of the euphoria, orgasm, total freedom; narcissism prevails as does the humanity of being satisfied with the end result. The final product and euphoria, the moment of fame is completely engulfing.


Digital art Folkert Datema
Makeup & hair Viviënne De Rop
Fashion styling Martine Reurings
Assistant photography Kirsten Wessels
Models @ IMG Models
Location MIAT, Gent, Belgium

Behind the scenes



Paris Fashionweek

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