Family Artwork

A custom made artwork

Family Artwork

To create a family artwork is Flore Zoé’s most intimate and personal form of creating art.

The process happens as follows, first Flore Zoé starts by interviewing all family members. In doing so she becomes very well acquainted with the family. It is always an honor to become this close with a family, to know all ins and outs and get to know every family member well.

After an intensive ‘getting to know one another’ period, Flore Zoé starts with her concept development. This results in a concept book in the form of text, drawings, moodboards etcetera.

The concept book is shown to the family. When the family and Flore Zoé agree on the concept book and what the artwork is going to look like, the team starts planning the shoot.

The dynamic of this proces with the investigation in advance, the concept development and the day(s) of shooting with the team and the family are always special and very personal.

The final result is an art work which will stay with you for a lifetime.

The final artwork

Behind the scenes


Behind the scenes

printing process


Please feel free to ask any information regarding the possibilities for Flore Zoé to create a custom made artwork for you and your family.